Shoes designed with Soft Lenticular technology offer a unique brand experience in addition to aesthetics and elegance. Soft lenticular effects integrated into the outer surface of the shoe can be personalized with brand logos or special designs. The brand logo with a moving animation effect gives the shoe a dynamic and eye-catching appearance and offers a unique style to the user.

The shoe, which has lenticular effects, offers different images from different angles and with multi-layered 3D animation effects. It shows your brand, logo or product you want to highlight 10 times more effectively.

It is 10 times more effective than standard shoes because; They become eye-catching for your customers by displaying effects such as animation or zoom while the shoes are in motion.

Lenticular shoes are designed to create brand awareness and especially the message you want to give to your potential customers, compared to standard shoes. They convey 10 times more effectively and are very memorable.

Effect of Lenticular Printing

10 X

Effect of Standard Printing

1 X

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Soft Lenticular: Shoe
Innovative Solutions in Textile Products

Unilens Lenticular is a brand that stands out with the innovative and aesthetic approach it brings to the textile world.Using the soft lenticular printing method, we bring textile products to life with vibrant and dynamic designs.Thanks to this special technique, we make your clothing and textile products more attractive, more original and more brandable.

Soft Lenticular General Features:

Applicable to All Textile Products: Unilens Lenticular's soft lenticular printing method can be applied to a wide range of textiles, from t-shirts to sweatshirts, from hats to bags. It is possible to obtain impressive and durable prints on all kinds of fabrics.

Washable and Ironable: Unilens Lenticular prints are specially designed for durability and longevity. You can wash and iron our products, so you can preserve the quality and vibrancy of your designs. It is a solution suitable for daily use and provides easy maintenance.

Aesthetic and Animated Designs: Soft lenticular printing method allows you to go beyond the ordinary by adding depth, 3D effect and mobility to your products. Stand out with designs that match your corporate identity, beyond fashion and trends.

Customizable and Personalizable: Unilens Lenticular offers special design options to its customers. You can customize your products according to your brand by adding your own photos, patterns or slogans.

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Lenticular Template Information

Supported Formats:

  • Format: CMYK
  • DPI: Min. 300
  • Bleed: 3MM





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